What is Xero?

Xero is an easy to use but powerful online (cloud) accounting system that’s designed specifically for small to medium businesses.

Xero provides a view of financial information in real-time. There’s no need to buy expensive software and install upgrades. Xero updates automatically. Xero is available on your PC or Mac in the office, at home or on popular mobile devices like iPhone, iPad – anywhere, anytime you have an internet connection. 

Xero automatically imports your bank statements daily so you can keep abreast of your cashflow. Xero has a full suite of accounting features such as invoicing, payables, expense claims, payroll, GST, tax returns, reporting and much more.

The beauty of Xero is you can invite a number of trusted people for example, your accountant, to collaborate online. No more cumbersome transfer of data that can be corrupted or is out-of-date.

At its core, Xero is an easy-to-use but powerful online accounting system for SMEs and their advisors.

Xero includes a full accrual accounting system with a cashbook, automated daily bank feeds, invoicing, debtors, creditors, GST and reporting. In addition a powerful payroll system gives you full control of your pays. Employees can be invited to view their pay records, apply for leave and more. 

Xero gives you access to your financial information anytime, anywhere. Xero also updates your financial information in real-time. You can be working on Xero at your office, and I can be working on it at my office!

The privacy and security of your data is taken care of and is stored on Xero’s secure servers, where it’s backed up regularly. This means even if your computer is lost or stolen your data is safe.

Watch the intro video.

Xero overview AU from Xero on Vimeo.

See the Xero feature tour.

Bundling With Xero

As your bookkeepers, we’d eventually like to offer you a service that bundles a number of functions for a regular fixed price. Several months of processing your work will give us a good idea of a fixed price service which we will then offer you. 

This will help you better manage your cashflow because there won’t be any surprises or unexpected bills.

You’ll know in advance exactly what you’re being billed for.

With your accounts up-to-date we’ll be able to help you grow your business and meet goals. Our partnership with Xero makes this value-added service possible.

Through Xero we can offer you an online accounting system that’s designed specifically for small businesses and is easy to use.

Xero gives you a view of your financial information in real-time. You can access this anytime – at home or out of the office, overseas – anywhere there is an internet connection, on any device!

Xero offers automated daily bank feeds, making reconciliation easy and fun, so your bank statements are imported into Xero and you don’t waste time downloading and uploading bank files manually.

If you already have Xero you can choose to invite us to work with you online.If not, as Xero Bronze Partners, we can be the subscriber, billing you monthly for access to Xero, plus we have more Xero versions available to offer you. 

Anywhere, anytime, connect to your bookkeeping from any device with a browser and an internet connection! Let us consider your bookkeeping needs and recommend the right Xero version for you, including versions only available to Xero Partners.

Do beautiful accounting with Xero.